Reactify is a creative technology company looking to challenge the ways we experience and create music.


Why does a piece of recorded music need be a static entity? Listened to linearly from beginning to end, sounding the same every time? Nowadays, it doesn’t.

We facilitate music that has variation built in, meaning that it can sound different every time it’s listened to. There are three main ways in which this can happen:

Generative – allow elements of the music to be composed on the fly. For example, instead of needing to choose one guitar solo recorded for a track, generative music allows the artist to record many different guitar solos and have a different one be played each time. Similarly, instead of a drum-beat being played back on loop, sounding identical each time, every individual drum-hit can be programmed to have minute timing variations, making it like a live drummer playing in the track.

Reactive – allow elements of the music to be influenced by realtime information relevant to the listener’s current environment. For example, music can be influenced by the listener’s walking pace, sounding ambient when still, but increasing in intensity with more percussive elements fading in when they start to walk or run. Other stimuli could include time of day, with one piece sounding different in the morning and evening, local weather, playing back different arrangements based on the temperature in the listener’s current location, and many more…

Interactive – allow the listener to take an active role in the music. Through intuitive, musical interfaces, listeners can change the musical arrangement, add instruments, effects and much more, allowing them to create endless unique remixes and reinterpretations of the material. All of the effects and instruments are always tailored to complement the music, and even without any musical skill or knowledge, the results are always pleasing and fun to explore.

Creation and performance

We take all that we learn from creating experiential music tools for listeners, and apply that to tools for artists to use in their processes of music creation and performance.

A longstanding problem with  electronic music performance has been the lack of physicality to the laptop musician’s movement and our tools look to rectify this. Be it in the form of tailored mobile instruments, generative light shows, or whole new performance systems, Reactify can provide something unique that will boost any artists creativity.

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