CTRL is an interactive music and light installation that allows visitors to control their sonic and visual environment via two wireless remotes.

Visitors can effortlessly add effects such as filters, glitchers and echo, shake up massive drops, and even play synthesiser solos which always stay in key, making it great for musicians and non-musicians alike.

The installation is highly flexible in application, and can work as a small stand-alone attraction as well as a large-scale, site-specific one. We use an industry standard protocol (DMX) to control the lighting, so it can be easily implemented at a range of pre-existing venues.

CTRL is available for installation at events and festivals, and can be made to work with a range of different tracks and musical styles. CTRL is permanently installed in Metropolis Studios in West London, so please get in touch to arrange a viewing or learn more.




Due to popular demand we have also released an accompanying iOS app featuring the same interactions, but with a wider range of music available, as well as more effects and a number of other features.

Download CTRL on the App Store