Dynamics is an interactive, social music installation developed by Reactify and Owen Hindley, taking place in a room of constantly evolving, generative and reactive music, lights and visuals that visitors can interact with via their smartphones.

Upon joining the installation’s Wi-Fi network, every visitor is presented with a slightly different interface on their smartphones, each with a different level or type of influence over their surroundings. The interaction types are various, ranging from being able to trigger short sounds, through to changing the overall mood of the music. Some interfaces will encourage interaction with other visitors, prompting teamwork and social (as well as musical) interaction.

Dynamics screenshots

Dynamics visitor interface

Users joining the installation are dealt actions with a small effect to begin with (e.g. to trigger a short sound), but the longer they remain in the space the more and more powerful their cards’ actions become.

The music for Dynamics was written by Moho.