The Float Dance Remix app gives people a view into a long, dark tunnel, where collisions between rising bubbles and coloured barriers trigger sounds from Float Dance. You can add and remove barriers, or change their colour, direction and position to create varying soundscapes.

The tunnel is shared across all users, meaning that changes you make to the barriers will be seen by others, and vice versa, in realtime, making it a truly live and collaborative experience.

Download the Mac app here. It is also possible to view and edit the world here, but the app is required to hear the audio.

Float Dance is from Cello Multitracks by Peter Gregson and Gabriel Prokofiev and is available on Nonclassical. Listen to the original track here.

This project is a collaboration with Owen Hindley and was initially created at London Music Hackday 2012.

Thanks to Aria Alagha for the background graphic.