As an ongoing project with contemporary classical composer and cellist, Peter Gregson, we have created the first iteration of a new musical tool which greatly broadens the horizons of performance with electronics, goPlay.

Traditionally, if a contemporary performer would want to play along to pre-recorded sounds, affect their instrument in any way, or create loops on stage, they would require either a dedicated piece of hardware (e.g. a foot pedal), or an accompanist to man a computer. goPlay does away with this need, and keeps the performer in complete control of all aspects of the composition (samples, effects, loops) solely via notes played by the instrument.

Effectively an ‘intelligent digital accompanist’, goPlay listens for certain notes, phrases and rhythms played by the performer, and literally ‘reacts’ with the appropriate effect. This adds new elements of spontaneity, variation, freedom and, interestingly, risk to the world of contemporary music performance.

R&D of goPlay is supported by the National Lottery, through Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts fund.