In collaboration with Trey Watkins, and Martin Roth, Reactify worked to create a new fire sculpture for Burning Man 2015 – The Firehelix. The Firehelix is a 12′ double-helix structure with 36 flame effects that run through various sequences such as the genome sequence of a frog, Euclidian rhythm generators, and other spirals and chase patterns. A 2-minute performance is triggered by visitors playing a game of whackamole on 4 mounted arcade buttons surrounding the piece. It was incredibly well received, and we look forward to displaying the work again. More information on the flame effects and plumbing can be found on Trey’s project page.

Here’s a video of it in action:

Photos from Burning Man 2015:
Firehelix @ Burning Man 2015

Cover photo credit: Alex Kipman.